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Sunscreens are for use on the titanium dioxide only. Follow all admonition on the artefact package. If you are ambiguous about any of the information, argue your doctor or pharmacist.   Apply sunscreen abundantly to all apparent titanium dioxide 30 a

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Vegetable carbon is known as vegetable black, carbon black, or carbo medicinalis vegetabilis. It is an insoluble black food colouring used in confectionery products, icing, baked goods and ice cream. European and Canadian authorities approve its use

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Chlorophyll was extracted from pine needles, and then Sodium Iron Chlorophyllin were synthesised by saponification, purification and substitution reaction, using sodium copper chlorophyllin (SCC) as a control.   Their crystalline structures were veri

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One of the colors of the rainbow, indigo a dark purplish blue gets it name from the indigo plant used to create the indigo dye.   Indigo appears between blue and violet in a rainbow. Purple grapes and blueberries are indigo. The deep blue of dark den

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