Sodium Iron Chlorophyllin

Sodium Iron Chlorophyllin

1) Dark green powder or crystal 
2) Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and chloroform 
3) Insoluble in ethyl ether 
4) Water solution: transparent, without sediment
Application:    As a pharmaceutical material, it can treat iron deficiency anemia. 
It can also be used as an additive in the foodstuff industry.
Packing:    Inner packing: 2.5kg net plastic bag
Out packing: 25kg net fiber drum
Drum dimensions: 36 x 36 x 50cm
G.W.: 27kg
Quality Standard:    enterprise standard





E 1% 400nm

≥ 400

Extinction ratio (E400nm/E656nm)


Total Iron, %

≥ 2.0

Free Iron, %

It should not be detected when using this method.

Arsenic, %

≤ 0.0002

Lead, %

≤ 0.0010

Loss on drying , %

≤ 5.0

Sulfate ash , %

≤ 33.0

Min Order Quantity:    50kg
Payment Term:    T/T, D/P, L/C
Price Term:    FOB Shanghai, CIF, CNF

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