Lac Dye

Lac Dye

Lac dye is extracted from Laccifer lacca by weak alkali solution and refining.
Main composition:Laccaic acid A(85%) and Laccaic acid B, C, D, E ,etc.
Properties:Red or red-purple powder. In aqueous solution its color vary with its PH. When PH is 3-5, it is orange-red, PH is 5-7 red to red-purple color. When PH is more than 7, it is red-purple. The resistance to light and heat is good in acid medium. Powder dissolves in water(0.1%), in alcohol and propanediol, pass through 80-mesh-screen.
Quality standard:


Purple-red powder
Purple-red powder
Color Value       E10%1cm 490nm
Drying Weightlessness        
10% max
0.8% max
Heavy Metal           ppm≤
10ppm max
10ppm max
Lead              ppm≤
5ppm max
5ppm max
Arsenic             ppm≤
2ppm max
2ppm max
Microbiologic Quality Conforms to Standards of Food Additives

Technological Process: 
Raw Material → weak alkali solution Extracting →Purification → Powder 
Usages: Applicable to food and beverages. 
Storage: Prevent contact with air, light and heat, and store in cool condition.

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